Purodi Electric Hair Straightening Brush

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This fabulous electric brush has saved me over and over again. Say goodbye to bad hair days! I can't express how stressful I've felt when my hair refused to work. Nothing I could do would tame the mop...Until I discovered my Purodi Electric Hair Straightening Brush. Now I may stress out from time to time, but it's never about my hair!
Ba-Bye Bad Hair Days.
You've got to try this brush!
Anti-scald Design, PTC Heating Technology, 30 Mins Auto Shut Off, And A Great Home Styler! 

THE NEXT GENERATION OF HAIR STRAIGHTENER: Are you still using an old-fashioned splint hair straightener? Isn’t it hard to handle, and easy to burn your hair or skin? The new generation of hair straightening brush makes straightening your hair as easily as combing it. It is safe, so you will not burn your hands or scalp. It allows you to style your hair at home to achieve professional salon-like results, saving you time and money.
ANTI-SCALD TECHNOLOGY: Your safety is our first priority. This hair straightening device is constructed of quality DuPont plastic materials, and features a patented CE- and FCC-certified design to prevent scalding and burning. All components are manufactured with the highest quality materials and inspector-certified.
INSTANT HEAT ON CONTACT: This electric hair straightening brush works with 110 V and takes less than 90 seconds to get as hot as 365-degrees Fahrenheit thanks to the professional-grade PTC ceramic heating components. The same components also allow it to maintain a constant, designated temperature. Achieve the best results without burning or scalding.
SMALL BUT POWERFUL: The hair styler is relatively slim, but its special design with 23 ceramic heating pieces allow it to quickly make contact and heat large portions of hair at one time. It heats up evenly and thoroughly to create your desired results in no time.
SIMPLE TO OPERATE: The hair straightening brush allows you to straighten your hair at home on your own. The liquid crystal display lets you control and monitor the temperature with ease, while the 360° swivel power cord means you can hold the device at any angle for the best straightening results







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