16-Inch Rainfall Shower Head With 3-color Water Powered Led Temperature Display

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The ultimate luxury shower in your own home, this rainfall shower head is a full 16 inches, perfect to cascade water over your whole body at once––or share the space! The beautiful light display lets you know the water temperature before you step into the shower, blue for cold, purple for warm and red for hot. 

Fits most standard size plumming fixtures, but please check the chart below for sizes.

Available in *Shower arm not included.

Shower Head Type  Led Rainfall Shower Head
Feature  LED, Rainfall 
Installation Holes One Hole
Finish  Chrome
Style  Contemporary
Material  Stainless Steel
LED Information:  
LED Power Source Water Flow
LED Color Blue, Purple, Red
LED turns Blue between 0-30 °C ( 32-86 °F )
LED turns Purple between 30-40 °C ( 86-104 °F )
LED turns Red between 40-50 °C ( 104-122 °F )
LED begins flashing between 50-100 °C ( 122-212 °F )
Accessories Information:  
Battery Included Water-Powered
Shower Arm Not Includes Shower Arm
Length 400 mm ( 16 " )
Width 400 mm ( 16 " )
Numbers of Led Light 16 Led Lights
Numbers of Water Nozzels 18 x 18=324



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